A downloadable game for Windows

Could you master it? 

This rhythm game will test your musical precision. Don't forget to get INTO the GROOVE!!!

Break the Beats!

Try hitting all the beats in our songs. 

Simple beats will appear from any direction. Long beats might look easier, but you will have to pay attention to their duration. To hit Double beats you'll have to click two keys at the same time. And don't forget Dodge beats, these f*** will try to hurt you.  Avoid them or die!

Too easy or too difficult?

For each song we give you 3 different difficulties; EASY, MEDIUM and HARD.

Each difficulty have its own mapping and velocity.

Once you feel confident enough with your skills, try next difficult level!


To offer variety to your gameplay and adapt your skill evolution in the game, you can try our MODIFIERS.

  • Would you like to learn the song? Try immortal mode. 
  • Would you like to modify the reaction time? Slow or fast notes might help you. 
  • Would you like to change the music speed? Slow or fast music allows you to.

Level editor:

To create your own levels with your favourite songs, you can go to our Level Editor. Despite we're still working in it, you can try to make one.

You can see an example inside "Editor" folder. To play your level, move all your music folder to "Song" folder (Is not necessary restart the game).  Review folder's hierarchy and name tags if doesn't work.

Developed by:

🦊 Adrià Jiménez

🦇 Andreu Hernanz

🐉 Martí de Ferrer


Direct contact discord: Ikunobu#6779

Install instructions

  1.  Extract all .zip
  2.  Execute "IntoTheGroove.exe"
  3.  Enjoy it!


IntoTheGroove.zip 157 MB


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what are the keys for every object in the editor

We're still working on it!. However, you can choose enemies with 1,2,3,4 and set enemies with D,C,K,M (like in game). Next update we'll have a BPM tracking. Thanks!


Really cool and fun game, can't wait to see if you keep implementing more and more content ^^

Thanks! All feedback is welcome.